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We are the same, you and I.

Awash in trivialities, our lives play out, without instruction, unpracticed, unlearned, to the endless re-enactment of biological imperatives, pausing now and then to ponder our fleeting, puzzling existence, spiraling like a leaf descending from a high branch, frozen forever in time. We tell each other stories, pledge affection, laud the sacrificed, wander in abstraction, struggle against hunger and brutal deeds, imploring, imagining, endlessly seeking insubstantial meanings and futile destinations, frozen for all time in the mind. Practicing death, the artist sees not what others see but how they see, beholding horror, shame, astonishment, futility, pain, and frailty, but also happiness and euphoria, frozen forever in time.

We are the same, you and I. We hunger and thirst, strive, sing, celebrate, laud, commiserate, and embrace.

Frozen forever in time.

The internet place of best-selling author, scientist, artist, explorer, and educator Dennis L. Foster.