We are entering a period of profound social and technological transition in which developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will completely transform civilization as we know it. Unfortunately, advanced technologies that might solve the planet's most critical problems have also spawned autonomous killing machines and nanorobots capable of spreading lethal viruses indiscriminately. If superintelligent machines become a reality, will they inherit our competitive drives to succeed, exploit, and dominate? Who will be the real masters of future civilizations: humans or machines? Will humans some day be able to transfer their minds from their bodies into computers?

AI milestones are virtually toppling like dominoes, day by day. One event is certain: Ultimately, the quality of life and possibly the entire fate of everyone who lives on Earth will be forever impacted by artificial intelligence from birth to death--and possibly beyond.

Dennis L. Foster

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"We live a time exquisitely dependant on science and technology, in which virtually no one knows anything about science and technology."

Carl Sagan


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