Awash in trivialities, our lives play out, unpracticed, unprepared, to the ceaseless re-enactment of biological imperatives, pausing now and then to ponder our fleeting, puzzling existences, spiraling like leaves descending in slow motion from a high branch silhouetted against the coddling sky. We tell each other stories, pledge affection, laud the sacrificed, wander in abstraction, struggle against brutal deeds and deprivation, imploring, imagining, endlessly seeking meanings and futile destinations.

We hunger and thirst, strive, sing, celebrate, laud, empathize, love, resent, grow angry, grow calm, suffer, commiserate and embrace, pursue pleasures, lie down to sleep. Those who come after us will do the same, unpracticed, unprepared, pausing now and then to ponder their fleeting existences. They will do these things because it is their purpose, their instinct, their biological and cultural mandate.

Because they are humanity.

Celebrate, if you are able, the unfolding of each day, if not always with ebullience, at least with loving, for those you have loved and those who have loved you. And, most of all, for the impossible fortune of having existed at all.

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