Review by John Lehman

The desperate but minimally talented Alissya Glenellen admits herself to a substance abuse center—not because she has a problem, but in the hope of making connections with celebrities there who do: “If all the world’s a stage, then surely Hollywood is its casting couch.” There are many really funny bits, for example, when a drunken Errol filming a TV evangelist falls backward off the stage, and the Heavenly Dancers, perceiving a spiritual happening, throw themselves on the floor beside him and writhe to his pained, inebriated throes, mistaking Errol’s moans for someone speaking in tongues. And there is the commercial Alissya does for Regu-Latte, “a trendy new latte-flavored anti-diarrhea product.” Then she meets Jacob Jacob, a former Las Vegas lounge singer who over the last decade had undergone numerous surgical procedures in an effort to “make his facial features more Negroid” so as to be able to crossover into the rhythm-and-blues market. That’s right after Alissya is cast as the devil in “Pom Pom Girls from Hell.” And the climax is even crazier.

Follow Alissya Glenellen as she navigates the dirty tightrope walk of becoming a star. Her scandalous and salaciously over-the-top accounting of life in Hollywood makes the tabloids seem tame and almost true in comparison. Whether they are truth or tall tales, Alissya shares all the details about casting couch calls, the multiple sleeping partners, the drugs, the booze, the fickleness of who's hot and who's not, the paparazzi, the crazy stalker, and the list goes on.