When Alissya embarks on a career as a fashion model in Milan, she refuses a photographer's demand to pose for a porn shoot and gets blackballed. Back in L.A., she lands a spot in a TV commercial and falls for the director, Errol, who is himself an ex-porn producer and fallen TV camera operator for a televangelist station in the Midwest. Through him, she acquires a finicky agent, Derek, who books her into a rehab center to gain exposure by mingling with the Hollywood elite. Meanwhile, he arranges for her to audition for a part in a modernized version of Crime and Punishment. On the set, in a signature bathtub scene, she slips on the mist-producing dry ice and inadvertently manages to destroy the set, which collapses on the dictatorial director. Nevertheless, her agent secures her the starring role in an indie horror film, not as a terrorized victim but as the devil. At the cast party, she meets a famous rock star, Jacob Jacob, who has undergone numerous surgeries to look more African American in order to break into the Rythm and Blues market. Jacob, who wrote the soundtrack for the movie, invites Alissya to a private party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Errol, who was also invited, disappears with a script assistant, prompting Alissya to move out. Later, she begins receiving threatening phone calls from someone with a twisted sense of humor.

Unexpectedly, the director of Crime and Punishment wants her to star in his latest epic opposite a fading sex symbol, Drew Conover, who, as a condition of his contract, demands the right to conduct a complete anatomical inspection of his leading lady "to protect his own health and well being." After wrapping the film, she attends a Hollywood gala to raise money to fight child abuse, where she meets a wealthy man, called Baby by his mistress. He invites her to join him on one of his yachts in the Caribbean, where she gets washed overboard in a storm. Swimming to the nearest land, she finds herself in a secret CIA interrogation camp. After returning stateside, she immediately begins receiving more death threats.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, she rushes to her agent, Derek, the one person she trusts doesn't want her dead. Unfortunately, the stalker knows where she is and decides the time has come to strike.