"Fascinating and funny..."

"So personal, so vivid, so original...and really, really funny."

"A parody of every adventure book and movie ever made...and also of modern advertising and stuffy scientific dissertations."

"Following Dennis Foster's travel adventures is a 'pleasant journey' indeed, not to mention a very funny one."

Swim with man-eating sharks in treacherous ocean passes, wander through lost civilizations on high desert plateaus, leap off high cliffs over awe-inspiring waterfalls, hike through forbidding jungles on sparsely civilized isles, choke on volcanic fumes inside smoking calderas, and tiptoe along mountain walls on half-inch-wide ledges.

As Dennis Foster tells it, traveling in hot places is adventurous, but not always intentionally so. It's also often humorous, but never intentionally so. The word travel is derived from the French travail, meaning "hardship" or "grief." Thus, the phrase bon voyage means not only "pleasant journey," but also "good grief."

The protagonists of these travels are the places where heat dictates the lay of the land, the sea, and the way of life . . . places where the author found great sharks, barracuda, eels, elephants, lions, rhino, lizards, cannibals, snake charmers, yachties, diving legends, safari guides, and a seemingly endless supply of drinking companions.

Their stories and his are of journeys to the edge, often hilarious and always adventurous: pleasant journeys and good grief above and below places in the heat.

Copyright (c) Dennis L. Foster