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"We who are alive now may well constitute the last purely human society."
(Your Obsolete Brain)

"Infrastructure vulunerability, in the end, may not be the prime driver of civilization collapse, but it will surely complicate the prospects of a rosy outcome."
(Future Tense)

"The places, the temporary stops for every traveler, color the traveler's journey and always, just a little, change the traveler."
(The World Guide)

"Ultimately, itís the not the rise of robots that we need to fear; itís the vestige of the killer instinct still lingering in Homo Sapiens."
(Your Obsolete Brain)

"i wanted to be six or sixteen
but only so i could know what i knew then
and not what i know
i don't know now"
(Across the Blood Red Plain)

"Computers don't weep and never will; for, they will never be capable of experiencing friendship or endearment, nor all the posturing and heartbreak that accompany emotional attachment."
(Your Obsolete Brain)

"Go ahead, God, have your little joke."
(Stalking the Bird of Paradise)

"Perhaps the biggest irony of the human experience is that, in evolutionary terms, it is impossible to prove that intelligence is of positive adaptive value for the long-term survival of a species."
(Future Tense)

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