"Computers don't weep and never will; for, they will never be capable of experiencing friendship or endearment, nor all the posturing and heartbreak that accompany emotional attachment. Ultimately, it's not the rise of robots that we need to fear; itís the vestige of the killer instinct still lingering in Homo Sapiens. Nevertheless, will you feel safer when weapons themselves make the decision when and whom to kill?"
          (Your Obsolete Brain)

"The movement — walking, flying, driving, sailing — is part of the journey's thrill and spirit. Moving through the cool air of the mountains to the shaded surprise of valleys, re-evaluating one's size and importance in the face of an ocean or the shadow of an Alp."
          (The World Guide)

"When automobiles first appeared on carriage ways as competition for horse driven buggies, the noisy, smoke-spouting nuisances were viewed as vulgar and intrusive. When telephones came into vogue in the nineteenth century, people actually dressed up for phone calls, as if being improperly dressed while talking to another person, even when unseen, was somehow disgraceful. It's not unthinkable, though perhaps still vulgar, to encounter people talking on their phones in restrooms, or to converse by voice or text with a caller who is actually sitting on a toilet."
          (Your Obsolete Brain)

"Life, it is often said, is the sum of all your choices. Your success or failure in business will hinge on the sum of all your decisions and the people who strive to put them to work, including, first and foremost, yourself."
          (Franchising: The Promise and the Peril)

"From a ridge atop a high plateau in Peru, a hiker can watch the mist form wispily over the river basin below. On the steep slopes, terraced groves of fruit trees rise into impenetrable jungles. A great meandering river glistens like dew as it flows through the mightiest mountains in the Americas and the largest jungle in the world."
          (The World Guide)

"Scattered along here are various villages occupied by obscure tribes." He began recanting their names: "The Leech Worshippers, the Skin Wearers, the Dart Blowers, the Head Shrinkers. Of course, those are the names Europeans gave them. The tribes refer to themselves as The People Who Have Always Existed."
          "Oh, well, what's in a name?" Judy remarked. She was not smiling.
          (Stalking the Bird of Paradise)

"we gag, we plead, we crawl,
we writhe and weep
afterwards, we collect our pay
and go home"
          (Across the Blood Red Plain)

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